Content Marketing & English Speaking

February 19, 2018
8 weeks
CMES - 01
₹12000 + GST


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English speaking, personality development and content writing are some of the most demanding course of today’s industry. Today the world is changing at a very rapid speed and we the companies are globalizing day by day. For a stable career one should be perfect in all the market demands.

At Digi Manthan, laxmi nagar Delhi we help candidate in learning all three modules that any industry demands under one course. Our advanced course in content Marketing & career management is one of the best fit for those looking for a career in any MNC or any agency dealing in digital technologies. Our personality development & skill orientation modules not only help in professional growth but also in personal growth.

Content Marketing & English Speaking

Content & career management is a type of marketing in which you offer some valuable & informative content to people with intention of clear understanding regarding your product or service. It is basically a new age marketing of offering your ideas and thoughts in front of other virtually of physically via different platforms to target specific audience with specific objective. Here are some of the modules that we offer under our content Marketing & career management course:

English speaking

  • Fundamental of English language
  • Importance of English
  • Importance of grammar
  • Introduction to creative writing.
  • Culture understanding

Content writing

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Types of potential content
  • Info-graphics and its importance
  • Content management and digital publication
  • Benefits of content marketing
  • Focus points in content marketing
  • Tools and tips

Relevant content

  • Content in digital world
  • Content writing for email writing
  • Content writing for blogs
  • Content for website pages
  • Content as per search engine needs
  • Tools for content writing and management

Personality development & skill orientation

  • Introduction
  • Skill orientation
  • Types of skills
  • Verbal communications
  • Time management and tools
  • Introduction to attractive listening
  • Body language
  • Introduction to expressive reading
  • Introduction to impressive speaking
  • Interview preparation
  • Tools and tips

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